Apple Watch Bands Show Up In Apple Retail Stores

Apple has indeed started putting Apple Watch inventory on sale for walk-in shoppers in its retail stores for the first time since the Apple Watch officially launched. Reports from this morning started coming in of stores getting stock, and now TechCrunch has verified this by going to the Apple Store in Toronto’s Eaton Centre (thanks for the tip, Ian) and purchasing a strap (the 42mm Classic Buckle, if you’re curious).

Inquiring after stock, I was additionally able to determine that they also have Leather Loop and various Sport Band models available, in both 38mm and 42mm sizes. They have the 38mm Milanese Loop in stock, too, but sadly for the author not the 42mm version of the same band.

Band availability in stores could be good news for Apple Watch order times, too; there’s been some speculation that strap options could haveĀ been partly responsible for longer shipping times on select models, and it now appears as though Apple is catching up on many of the different types of first-party accessory options.

This is definitely good news for those like me who already have a Watch, but are chafing under the limited choice provided by their initial band selection. Luckily, Apple has also begun rolling out its third-party band program, so sooner rather than later we should also get the option to expand our strap horizons even further still. And, if rumors prove true, Apple Watch units themselves should start being in stores, ready for impulse buys, beginning next month.