TC Cribs: Glassdoor’s Sausalito HQ Is A Haven For Hiking, Biking, And Even Kayaking

After a several month hiatus, we’re back with a new season of TechCrunch Cribs, the show that goes inside the doors of tech companies to show what it’s like for the employees who work hard (and often play hard) there.

Today’s episode takes us over the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County’s picturesque seaside town of Sausalito, which is where Glassdoor calls home. Most tech companies we tour are based in either Silicon Valley or San Francisco, so it was a treat to visit a place that is often more thought of as a destination for weekend hikes and biking trips than the daily 9 to 5 grind. Glassdoor’s 400-some staffers are a pretty lucky bunch.

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Check out the video above to see Glassdoor’s waterfront campus. And tune in every Tuesday for new episodes TechCrunch Cribs.