Nomad’s Stand For Apple Watch Is Nice And Simple

The Apple Watch’s charging puck is, in itself, pretty versatile and fool-proof when it comes to connecting your smartwatch to power over night. But there’s always room for improvement, and the Nomad Stand offers that, with a minimal approach that’s optimal for bedside or desktop use.

Nomad’s approach to a charging accessory for Apple Watch is beautifully┬ábasic, consisting of a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. The aluminum is machined to have a looping curve, with a hole cut out to hold the stock Apple Watch charging puck, and a channel around the back edge of the device through which to feed the cable. The only additional parts on the Stand are a rubber footpad to prevent it sliding all over your table surface, and a copper plate hidden beneath that to provide ballast to make it even more shift-proof.

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The Stand comes in either standard aluminum or space gray, which makes it a good match for either of the Sport versions of the Apple Watch. It works with both the 1 and 2 meter flavors of the Apple Watch charging stand, and is compatible with both 38 and 42mm case sizes of Apple Watch.

While the Stand isn’t alone in its approach to providing a support surface for Apple Watch charging (a simple Google search will reveal a litany of devices that uses a similar channel + existing cable model), nor is it the cheapest, it does appear to be one of the better-designed accessories available in this category. The continuous curve used by Nomad is both subtle and striking, meaning it’s actually additive to home decor when placed atop a night stand, instead of looking like yet another piece of techie gadget creep.

The Nomad Stand is available now for $59.95, with an anticipated ship date of May 29th.