Jérémie Berrebi Leaves Kima Ventures

After five very active years, Jérémie Berrebi has announced he is leaving Kima Ventures, the Paris-headquartered VC fund he co-founded with French telco and media entrepreneur Xavier Niel in 2010.

The fund, which invests in technology startups from around the world at the seed and early-stage, has backed a whopping 300-plus startups to date.

In fact, at one time or another Kima has boasted that it funds 1-2 startups per week, including via its Kima15 fund, which provides $150,000 in funding and promises a decision within 15 days.

Just a couple of hours ago, Berrebi wrote to Kima’s 300 or so portfolio companies informing them of his decision (see below).

In the email he says that last Friday was his final day at the VC firm, which will continue to exist and make new investments without his involvement and support its existing portfolio companies.

Meanwhile, Berrebi says he decided to leave Kima to focus on building new startups, the first of which is RoundVIP.com, a real-estate investment platform.

He’ll also be making late stage investments in the $50-500m range for multiple family offices, as well as mentoring companies/startups as a co-founder or fundraiser, and assisting corporates in building their digital strategy.

In addition he says he’s joined the Letter1 Technology Advisory Board, owner of telco Vimpelcom.


In short, Friday was my last day at Kima Ventures. Sorry but I was unable to announce my departure before today.

To participate in the journey of more than 300 startups has been a real pleasure and an enormous positive experience!

I’m also glad that Kima is a big success and has become a significant name in the Angel/VC industry in only 5 years. I still remember when I found the « Kima » name by checking a list of spider species on Wikipedia ;-)

Kima will continue to exist and to make new investments (without me involved) and support my existing portfolio.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to follow and support my Kima portfolio of 300+ startups in the future. Michel Sassano, Vincent Jacobs, and future Kima team members will be here to assist you as you continue to build your businesses.

Please keep sending your reports to [redacted] (all the Kima team will receive them including me).

On my side, I decided to leave Kima
– to focus on building new startups (RoundVIP.com is the first one, with a lot more coming),
– make late stage investments for multiple family offices ($50M-$500M range investments will be my priority)
– mentoring companies/startups as a cofounder or fundraiser
– and assisting corporates in building their digital strategy.

I’m also glad to join today the Letter1 Technology Advisory Board: http://letterone.lu/l1-technology/ who owns Vimpelcom, one of the biggest Worldwide Telecom Group (220M customers). If you have anything to do with Vimpelcom, tell me!

If you are interested to invest in the Real Estate Market and make great returns, don’t forget to register to the awesome RoundVIP: www.roundvip.com

Good luck to all of you!
Jeremie Berrebi