Print Your Own Bust Of Edward Snowden

Although police removed the original Edward Snowden bust from Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park, now you and your friends can print your own eight-inch Snowdens for placement nearly anywhere. The 3D file, available on Thingiverse, depicts a strong-jawed, pensive Snowden wearing his signature glasses.

Created by artists Andrew Tider, Jeff Greenspan and Doyle Trankina, the bust appeared in the park overnight on an empty pedestal and remained there until police took it down. They fined the creators $50.

“It would be great if people put these in public spaces and Instagrammed them, or put photos on Twitter and Facebook to project them around the world,” Greenspan told Wired. “Anywhere it can get people thinking about surveillance, your rights and liberties, it would be wonderful.”

The goal of the bust project is to get Edward Snowden out of the realm of the traitorous and into the realm of the heroic. It’s a nice gesture and quite a nice bust. Sadly it won’t work with your FDM printers just yet – the glasses are a little fiddly – but the creators expect to have a new version up shortly.