Instagram Gets Emoji Hashtags And 3 New Filters, Future Filters To Arrive Faster

Instagram has added three new filters to its app, including Lark, Reyes and Juno. These filters are designed to brighten images and seem generally appropriate for spring time photos. Alongside the new filters, Instagram is also adding support for emoji in hashtags, letting you tag your photos with those tiny pictographs that have come to dominate text conversations, and click on them to find more posts associated with, say, the little poop man or the heart-eyed cat.

Instagram’s new filters join its five new additions from December, which were big hits with users according to the company, with Ludwig and Crema earning the top two spots as the most popular filters overall with users. And there’s more good news for uses who’ve grown tired of the existing filter collection: Instagram plans to release new ones at a much faster rate going forward, which is probably designed to help the company keep its edge on the market and stifle any potential growth from feature-style third-party apps that aim to provide other options.

Emoji SlateBetween Instagram’s own external apps, including Layout and Hyperlapse, and its consistent improvements to in-app tools like the granular manual controls users can access if they want to bypass the stock filters or tweak them in more unique ways, the Facebook-owned company is really doing a killer job of sandbagging up its territory. against potential competitors.

As for the emoji hashtags, we all know emoji always wins, so that’s also bound to be a successful feature addition. The company says that almost half of all Instagram captions now feature emoji, too, so this was definitely something that grew out of community use habits.

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