Twitter Launches Highlights For Android To Summarize The Day’s Tweets

If keeping up with all those tweets is starting to feel a little overwhelming, Twitter just announced a new feature that could help — at least if you own an Android phone.

Earlier this year, it launched “While You Were Away,” which can put older, popular tweets at the top of your feed. The theme here is helping users find relevant content even if it’s not the most recent thing posted — something that could help the service seem less intimidating to casual users.

Twitter says Highlights, on the other hand, will provide “a fast and simple summary of Twitter.” You’ll get a notification up twice a day, which will bring you to the new Highlights section in your app. Once there, you can browse popular tweets from people you know and trending stories, and when you’re done, close Highlights and move back to the main feed.

“To create your Highlights, we look at things like the accounts and conversations that are popular among people you follow, Tweets from people you’re closely tied to, topics and events that are trending in your area or within your network, and people that are popular or trending among people you follow,” Twitter says.

Android users can turn on Highlights by going to their notification settings. The company says it will consider adding the feature to other platforms as well.