The Couchlet Puts Your Power Where Your Posterior Is

Ready to get your mind blown? You better sit down. So Chris Hawker, creator of the Power Squid is back and he wants to put power… near your butt. His new product, the Couchlet, is a foldable USB power system that peeks up between your couch cushions or mattresses and lets you plug in while seated or lying down.

I know, right?

It costs $16. Heck, for a limited time it’s actually $16 for two! Still curious as to what it does? It will let you plug in your phone while on the couch. What else do you need to know?

Still not convinced? Hold on. Chris writes:

Sitting on the couch while your phone is charging? The Couchlet nests between cushions.
Having trouble reaching your charger from the bed? The Couchlet™ has a folding arm that wedges under your mattress.
The Couchlet’s wedge-shaped design means that it fits between or under cushions and mattresses so that you can barely even see it. The fold out leg gives you extra stability and the ability to slide the Couchlet™ onto the outside of your furniture.
Each Couchlet comes with a detachable 6-foot USB cable that uses your current wall charger for power. The Couchlet is low voltage, so it’s just as safe as the charging cord that comes with your phone.

Low voltage, right? That means it won’t explode when you pour your Manhattan all over it while you have to watch Matilda for the fortieth time with the kids. Still not feeling it? Boom. Origin story:

When we were brainstorming product opportunities, we realized that all of us have experienced cramped muscles, awkward stretching and texting with our phone two feet from our face. A few of us had even rigged up an elaborate system of cords or power strips in our couch and on our bed. We knew there had to be a better way to solve this issue. It needed to be sturdy, compatible with any device, have a long cord, and be slim and easy to slide in between seat cushions. Thus the Couchlet was born!

I mean seriously: this thing solves cramped muscles. It’s shipping in December 2015 so you’ll have to hang loose for a while, plugging your phone into the wall like an animal until Christmas, but by gar won’t it feel good to finally root around in your couch cushions, find the Couchlet, and plug in? Seriously? Still nothing. Ok. Whatever. Live in the past, cave-person. I’m Couchletting.