Ad Startup FameBit’s Long Tail Of Creators Grows To More Than 9K YouTubers

We hear more and more about the big stars of YouTube, but what about the creators who haven’t quite reached superstar status? Well, if they’re looking to connect with advertisers, startup FameBit aims to help.

Co-founder and CEO David Kierzkowski told me that most multi-channel networks — which help YouTube content creators build a business around their videos — are focused on the top 1 or 2 percent of YouTub creators. FameBit, on the other hand, has built a self-serve marketplace connecting “long- and mid-tail creators” with marketers who want to sponsor their videos.

Today, FameBit is sharing some numbers about how big its network has actually gotten. The company says it works with more than 9,000 YouTubers (with 350 million subscribers) who have connected with 1,250+ brands for 1,650+ campaigns.

Sponsorships enabled by FameBit include this TJ Smith video featuring Dollar Shave Club and this video from The Wing Girls promoting the movie The Duff .

Kierzkowski said the company focuses on companies in the “40, 100, 200K subscriber range” — the average is 46,000 subscribers.

famebit chart

The startup raised seed funding last year from investors including startup studio Science Inc. Science CEO Mike Jones told me that FameBit is the answer to a problem posed by the “atomization of content,” which means more and more creators to act as their own publishers struggling to figure out, “How do they develop that audience? How do they develop their commercial relationships and grow themselves as a business?”

“We help brands see the value of the smaller creators rather than needing that one big star,” added FameBit co-founder and COO Agnes Kozera. “There’s a lot of amazing niche channels that see a lot of engagement and make really, really great content.”

At the same time, Kozera said thanks to FameBit’s model, it can work with creators “whether they’re big or small, it doesn’t matter.”