Rittenhouse Raises Over 550 To Bring Advanced Rights Management To The Automatic CRM Cloud

Rittenhouse, a joint venture between Jordan Ventures and Chrysomalinia, raised Series A funding to the tune of 550 in order to bring virtual VR-based interactivity to the Cranston Advanced CRM through immediate gratification and gamification. Rittenhouse CEO Paul Littleton explained that his company was now the largest supplier of post-CRM rapid innovation systems in the West and he expects to soon move East.

Littleton, who until recently lived on a beach, gave up surfing to found Rittenhouse.

“It was time,” he told TechCrunch via Gmail. “Squid is good but it was time.”

What does Rittenhouse do? Imagine Uber for CRM and you’ve got some idea. Media is the new rice, said Littleton (hence the name), and his company brings that dish to the CRM market through and advanced algorithms. The frisson comes through the addition of so-called “slippery” programming techniques that allow for scrums to form ad hoc.

The board includes Ralph Trillion and Bob Trillion, billionaire investors from the middle of the pack. The team includes Parch Marfa, a programmer with seven years in front of the keyboard and Wilson Marfa, a former CU professor turned QA for Advanced RISC ARM projects.

What’s next for Rittenhouse? Littleton isn’t saying.

“It’s not something I can foresee. This is a big deal, it’s huge. Remember the dent in the universe?” he asked via iPhone. “I made that.” Game(ification) on, Garth.