Now Dollar Shave Club Sells Hair Gel, Too

Dollar Shave Club started out as a subscription razor service (in fact, it’s how I get my razors), but over the past couple of years the startup’s been expanding its lineup with products like butt wipes and “post shave balm.” Today it’s moving into hairstyling with a range of products — gel, cream, paste, fiber, and even clay.

(Seriously, I didn’t know hair clay was a thing.)

Co-founder and CEO Michael Dubin told me that the aim is to help guys find the right product for their hair, rather than relying on “a friend whose hair is nothing like theirs,” or a barber who’s basing their recommendation on the haircut, or going to the store and seeing a long line of products that “all kind of look the same and come out of the same tubes.”

So not only is the startup announcing a lineup Boogie’s hair products (Boogie’s Bold Hair Gel for $7, Boogie’s Casual Hair Clay for $10, etc.), it’s also helping you choose those products through something called Boogie’s Match. I wasn’t able to try the match product out myself (or the hair gel), but Dubin said it’s basically an online quiz asking you about your hair and how you want it to look, with questions like, “How much shine do you want?” At the end of the quiz, it’ll recommend the right product for your hair.

If, for some reason, you’re a sourpuss who doesn’t like quizzes, there’ll also be a more straightforward comparison chart. And either way, thanks to The Boogie’s Hairantee (look, I don’t make up these names), if you’re not happy with the recommended product, Dubin said the company will give you “the next best product that might be right for you,” free of charge.

He added that Dollar Shave Club doesn’t “launch stuff just to launch stuff.” So how does it decide what to do next?

“We’re really focused on achieving our mission for guys, which is helping them lead better lives,” Dubin said. “We think we can do that in every corner of the bathroom.”

He also told me Dollar Shave Club saw $65 million in revenue in 2014, with 1.7 million subscribers and projected revenue of $140 million for 2015.