This Amazingly Limber Bionic Arm Connects To Your Smartphone


A Japanese company called Exiii has created a sub-$300 bionic arm that connects to your cellphone in order to perform some surprisingly limber maneuvers. The arm uses 3D printed parts to make it easy to build and assembled and it can be repaired or reprinted in multiple colors.

Unlike the mechanical EnablingTheFuture arms we’ve seen, however, this model is full of electronics and connects with your smartphone and an EMG sensor. When your nerves and muscles move, the phone translates those to arm motion and can open and close the hand or move individual fingers. You can even swap out the fingers for tools or a rubberized stylus.

The arms are available for sale now but there is a waiting list (“We apologize in advance that delivery may be delayed due to congestion of 3D printing service,” write the creators) and they’re looking to supply enterprises and research institutions first before sending them off to normal humans. The fact that they’ve reduced the price to $300 is amazing to me, especially for an arm that looks about as usable as Luke’s post-saber battle bionics.


via 3DPrint