Tesla Can Now Resume Car Sales In New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just signed a law that will allow Tesla to start selling its vehicles again to residents of the state.

About a year ago, New Jersey started enforcing a law that required vehicles to be sold to consumers through dealerships. Tesla doesn’t play nicely with dealerships. It sells its vehicles directly to consumers through company-owned showrooms instead of independently owned and state-certified dealerships. So about a year ago, Tesla stopped selling cars in New Jersey and the company’s two showrooms were unable to offer test drives or discuss sale information.

The car company spent the last year publicly fighting the ban and on Monday won a major victory when the state legislature approved the bill. Under the new guidelines, Tesla can only open a total of four of its own dealerships and has to operate at least one service center.

Tesla might be able to resume sales in New Jersey, but it’s still banned from doing so in Virginia, Arizona, Texas and Michigan.