Apple Releases The Adapters You’ll Need For The New MacBook

Apple announced the new MacBook today, and in true Apple fashion, it does things differently. A lone USB-C port will handle the charging, data input and video out. So how will users recharge an iPhone and the laptop at the same time? Buy these adapters from Apple of course!

Apple just released a series of accessories for the USB-C port in the new MacBook. To use a standard USB cable, you’ll need this $19 adapter. Both costing $79, the USB-C Digital and VGA adapters each add another USB-C port, a standard USB port and an HDMI or VGA output, respectively.

So as it stands today the new MacBook cannot directly recharge an iOS device without an adapter. Unless Apple releases the USB-C Lightning cable before launch, users will have to plug the standard USB Lightning cable into the $19 USB adapter.

This isn’t the first time Apple has charged into the future without consulting the consumer. Back in 1998 the company launched the iMac G3 without a floppy drive or serial port. Then, later, Apple ditched Firewire ports and CD-ROM drives. Yet this latest move is slightly different. The single port is simple and elegant, but frankly ignores the needs of consumers. I don’t think it’s that crazy to expect a laptop to simultaneously recharge its batteries and output video or recharge another device.