Of Course Comcast Subscribers Can’t Stream HBO Go On The PS4

HBO Go finally hit the PS4 this week bringing the online streaming service to the best selling next-gen console. But of course it doesn’t work with Comcast. Why would it? HBO Go hit the PS3 last year and Comcast subscribers still can’t use the service.

Comcast tells TechCrunch that their subscribers have many other ways to access HBO on other devices. A spokesperson points to the fact that Comcast subscribers 18 devices including the Apple TV and Roku can access HBO Go. A timetable was not given of when Comcast thinks it will bring HBO Go to the PS4.

“With every new website, device or player we authenticate, we need to work through technical integration and customer service which takes time and resources.” Comcast told TechDirt. “Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize as we partner with various players.”

Apparently Comcast does not see a the PS4 as a priority even though Sony has sold 20 million units since its launch.

Comcast has long been stingy on allowing access to HBO Go on third party devices. It took years for Comcast to allow HBO Go and Showtime on Roku. Meanwhile, Comcast subscribers, and there are a lot of them since it’s the largest cable provider in the States, were forced to use workarounds and hacks to watch content they pay for on devices they purchased.

Yet again, it seems Comcast does not understand or simply doesn’t care about the average consumer. This is why we can’t have nice things.