Etsy Officially Files To Go Public, Aims To Raise $100M

etsy logo

Word started going around back in January that Etsy, the online market for handmade goods, was planning to go public.

Sure enough, they’ve just filed the forms to get the ball rolling.

You can view Etsy’s just-filed S1 form here; we’re looking through it for more details now.

Etsy’s revenue has ramped quickly, expanding from $74.60 million in 2012, to $125 million in 2013, to a 2014 tally that totaled $195.59 million. And unlike other recent technology offerings, Etsy’s losses have remained small. The company lost a slim $796,000 in 2013, and a still modest $15.24 million in 2014. Compared to its revenues, and its revenue growth, those figures are far within the boundaries of good taste.

Etsy has sufficient cash to fund its operations for several years at current pace. The firm has a total of $88.84 million in cash and equivalents, up from $54.87 million the year prior.

With adjusted profits, slim net losses, and quickly growing revenue, Etsy should be able to price competitively and still have a strong open. How the company prices itself could set the tone for IPOs for several months.

According to the filing, the company is aiming to raise at least $100 million in going public. That number could be a placeholder that it intends/hopes to raise more than, but that’s the number given for now.

Not leaving much room for interpretation, Etsy intends to trade under the symbol $ETSY.

A few interesting details gleaned from the filing:

  • Etsy says it currently has 1.4 million active sellers on the site, with 19.8 million active buyers.
  • At the end of 2014, Etsy had 685 employees, 51 percent of which are female.
  • Accel and Union Square Ventures are the biggest shareholders right now, respectively holding 27 percent and 15 percent of total shares.