Hold My Beer, Because You’re About To Ride A DIY Gas-Powered Go-Kart

If you’ve ever dreamt of pulling a Little Rascals and riding down a massive hill on a wooden scooter, have we got a Kickstarter for you. The PlyFly Go-Kart is a flat-pack built-it-yourself go-kart that runs on a gasoline engine and can go up to 25 miles per hour. The kit is made of cut wood and assembles in about a day. It includes a 2.5 or 4 HP gas engine for maximum rev action.

The kits cost $745 for the less powerful model or $845 for the more powerful one. They can both fit a normal-sized adult male and they look like they’re great fun.

There are two models available. One has a 2.5 HP engine, perfect for flat areas and lower speeds. The other has a 4 HP engine that is quicker and is better suited for hilly areas and bigger people. Both kits consist of wooden parts made by us in Newport, RI and include all the necessary hardware.

Created by Flat.Works, the kits are marvel of flat-pack engineering. The parts are pushed out of a piece wood and assemble with simple tools. The company was founded by Tim Moulton and is looking for $36,000 to fund their project.

While it might be cheaper (and safer) to just head down to your local Gran Prix kart raceway, I suspect the joy of building and riding your very own go-kart might outweigh the risks associated with giving adults a powerful little rig to scoot around on during the odd Fourth of July bacchanal or a Bohemian Grove get-together. While it doesn’t beat strapping bottle rockets to the back of your three-speed Schwinn, it might be the next best thing.