Apple Brings Web-Based Pages, Numbers And Keynote Beyond The iCloud Beta

Apple has added the web-based iWork, which works for anyone with an Apple ID for free on most modern browsers, to the main website. The previously beta-only iCloud offering makes Apple’s productivity suite accessible to anyone who either has, or signs up for a free Apple account, with full-featured office apps that allow for the creation and editing of text documents, slideshow presentations and spreadsheets.

Offering up the productivity suite to all users, regardless of platform choice, is a fairly unusual move for Apple, but it’s also a smart one – providing free cloud-based productivity software is a pretty low-stakes additional incentive for attracting new iCloud users, especially those who aren’t currently in possession of any actual Apple hardware.

Apple has a complete FAQ for those interested in getting started with the web-based version of iCloud. It includes 1GB of storage free for users without any iOS or Mac devices, and therefore without the full version of iCloud.