MakerBot CEO Moves Into Leadership Role At Parent Company Stratasys

More juggling at MakerBot as current CEO Jenny Lawton moves to Stratasys to become executive vice president Special Projects, a leadership role inside the 3D printer company’s parent.

Lawton, who took over from founding CEO Bre Pettis last August, sees the move as an opportunity to take a “strategic global position” in the parent company.

“It’s a real opportunity to take some of the things that I’ve done at MakerBot and scale them within Stratasys,” said Lawton.

Lawton will be replaced by Jonathan Jaglom, current general manager from Stratasys Asia Pacific Japan. Jaglom previously worked at Objet.

The company has sold over 80,000 printers to date.

The move is an interesting one, to say the least. In February Stratasys “updated the goodwill impairment analysis of its MakerBot reporting unit,” a move that suggests that the MakerBot brand and related press has been worrying Stratasys higher-ups. The brand, at least in hobbyist circles, is beleaguered thanks to the perception that the company in some way misused open source technologies, a claim that has been since debunked. The company grew 600% since 2012 and has become an integral part of Stratasys’ bottom line.