This Adorable Robot Sits On Your Shoulders And Feeds You Tomatoes While You Run

Robots. They’re eating our jobs one occupation at a time, some say.

They make boozy drinks and don’t expect tips.

They’ll write up the news without the endless demands for exclusives or the penchant for whisky.

And now… they’ll sit on your shoulders and feed you tomatoes while you run. Shoulder-sitting-tomato-feeders of the world, beware: you’re now obsolete.

Meet Tomatan.

Built by Kagome (a company that’s perhaps most easily described as the Heinz of Japan) with a red-dyed tongue planted firmly in cheek, the idea is that tomatoes have nutrients that might help marathon runners make it to the finish line.

Because nothing helps runners run better than strapping an 18 lb weight to their backs, right?

Capable of holding just seven tomatoes at a time, Tomatan has a built-in timer to ensure that you don’t blast through your Tomatollotment too quickly.

Now to modify one of these to sit on my shoulders and make my whisky drinks while I blog. THE ULTIMATE MACHINE.

[via boingboing, video via NowThis]