Fitmob Buys Gymsurfing To Add Day Passes For More Than 200 Gyms

San Francisco-based Fitmob has enabled customers to sign up for a monthly subscription to attend classes or visit gyms in cities around the country. With the acquisition of Gymsurfing, the company will be adding day passes to its portfolio of fitness options, as well as access to more than 200 gyms in 20 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Fitmob originally launched as a peer-to-peer marketplace to connect consumers with trainers near them, but over time has morphed into a subscription fitness offering. Its Passport product asks for a typical $99 monthly fee from fitness enthusiasts, but rather than just being able to visit one gym, customers gain access to a wide range of fitness studios and gyms in the markets it operates.

The company has been gradually rolling out its subscription gym and class membership to a number of cities throughout the U.S. It’s now in seven markets, including the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Austin, Portland, Seattle and Philadelphia. Soon Fitmob will be adding its eighth and ninth markets, San Diego and Dallas.

With the acquisition of Gymsurfing, Fitmob is adding both a new way to access gyms via day passes, as well as a whole lot more places for customers to go. In that way, Fitmob founder and CEO Raj Kapoor believes the businesses will be complementary to one another and will help not just grow revenues, but also help the company reach new customers.

Gymsurfing was founded by Kevin Bracken and Dustin Hoffman (not the actor), a couple of entrepreneurs who wanted to create a way for fitness enthusiasts to easily get access to a wide range of gyms in cities throughout North America. Over four months, the two were able to wrangle together 200 partner gyms in 20 cities throughout Canada and the U.S.

Because it’s offering day passes, Gymsurfing is generally targeting out-of-towners who might be visiting a city but want easy access to working out at a gym without having to sign up or buy a membership. As a result, it’s a bit different from Fitmob, which is focused more on enabling customers to work out at various different gyms within their cities.

That said, there is some overlap: For instance, Gymsurfing enables some customers to try out a gym or a few gyms for a low fee before deciding whether or not they want to join. And due to Gymsurfing’s existing reach, Fitmob should be able to expand into new markets.

Through the acquisition, Bracken will join as director of gym partnerships to help integrate Gymsurfing partner gyms into Fitmob’s platform. It will also help Fitmob to be able to offer services in major markets like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and Washington, D.C., more quickly.

Fitmob has raised about $15 million in funding, including investors Mayfield Fund, Kapoor, Sean Moriarty, John Troiano, Arjun Rao, Jonah Goodhart, Powder & Fitness to the People, Phil Kaplan, Narendra Rocherolle, Vast Ventures, Craig, Expansion VC, BAM Ventures, Queensbridge Capital,, Mark Britto, Structure Capital, Venture51, Pi Capital and Rachel Aram.