Voltera, The Electronics Printer, Launches To Much Fanfare

One of our absolute favorites from the Hardware Battlefield just launched on Kickstarter and they are, if you’ll excuse the cliché, crushing it.

The company appeared on our stage at CES 2015 and showed of an early working prototype. Now, however, they’re ready to take orders and start shipping. The printer is essentially a PCB maker. You put in a board, upload a circuit diagram, and the system draws it in conductive ink. You can then solder in the proper components.

The system costs $1,499 for early birds (cheaper units have already sold out) and the company hit $200,000 of their $50,000 goal. They aim to ship in a year but I’ve seen this thing live and working so I can only imagine they’ll have to deal with supply chain issues rather than R&D and prototyping. It’s a fascinating product with a very specific audience and if I was smart enough to need to make PCBs I’d totally pick one up.

You can see the team presenting at Hardware Alley below.