Watch SpaceX Try To Launch The DSCOVR Mission Rocket Live Here [Update: Launch Aborted]


Update: Aaaaand the mission is scrubbed yet again.

Just this past weekend, SpaceX attempted to launch a massive rocket into space with the Deep Space Climate Observatory (or “DSCOVR”) satellite in tow.

Alas, the mission was scrubbed at the last second due to radar-tracking issues. Then it got postponed again yesterday due to weather.

But fear not! They’re trying again. Right now, in fact. And you can watch it live here.

Update: As noted above, the launch has been cancelled again, once again due to bad weather.

The live stream should begin at 2:45pm PT, with lift-off scheduled for 3:05pm PT.

If successful, this mission will carry the NOAA Deep Space Climate Observatory weather satellite into the skies, where it’ll head for a point 930,000 miles from Earth. Once there, the satellite will help monitor and predict things like changes in ozone, cloud height, volcanic ash distribution, and more.

Perhaps more important than the launch, however, is what’ll come shortly thereafter. SpaceX will make another attempt at landing its Falcon9 first-stage rocket in a reusable state… which… didn’t exactly go as planned last time. And by that, of course, I mean that it burst into a terrifying pillar of fire. On the upside: no one was hurt, and damn is that a cool video:

That explosion was caused by the landing system running out of hydraulic fluid, leaving it unable to operate. This time around, the rocket has 50 percent more hydraulic fluid in its tanks. “At least it should explode for a different reason,” tweets Elon Musk