RadioShack Files For Bankruptcy

And there it is; the death knell we all knew would ring out eventually. RadioShack has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Once a home base to the radio/homebrew/DIY geeks of the world, RadioShack devolved into a glorified cell phone store in the early 2000s. While they’ve spent the last few years trying to find their roots with things like a dedicated section for Arduino gear*, they’ve mostly failed to get bodies back in the store.

(* A section which employees never seemed to understand. I bought two Arduinos there over the period of about six months, as I was working on projects and didn’t feel like waiting for delivery. Both times, the employee behind the register asked something along the lines of “So… what is this thing?”)

This news comes as rumors swirl that RadioShack intends to sell off half of its stores and close the rest.

RadioShack’s Chapter 11 filing is below:

RadioShack Chapter 11 Petition