With $1.2M In Funding, MightySignal Brings Some Technology To B2B Sales Teams

If you’re an enterprise SaaS salesperson, a new company called MightySignal wants to help you find better leads based on information they can find by crawling the web.

The company was founded by Jason Lew and Shane Wey who have been friends since sixth grade. Lew previously worked at Apple on the iPhone and iPad engineering teams, and Wey worked at Accenture on enterprise software.

So why did these two guys decide to help salespeople sell enterprise SaaS solutions? For one thing, they know a lot of them and figured that by applying an engineering solution to a sales problem they could do it better.

“Before they can sell, they have to figure out who to sell to,” co-founder Shane Wey told me. He says those salespeople typically end up crawling the web themselves looking for signals to tell them someone might be looking for a new product.

MightySignal works by automatically crawling the web for those signals. It looks for clues to find when certain companies adopted specific technologies or when their contracts will be up. And it can tell salespeople which leads to go for based on those clues.

The company has built a Salesforce integration that will not only identify better leads, but could also highlight them directly in the CRM. By doing so, salespeople get help in a tool they already use.

The company has raised $1.2 million from investors that include Draper Associates, Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Nas’ Queensbridge Venture Partners, WTI, Techstars Seattle managing director Andy Sack, TA McCann, Aaron Bird and other angels.