TC AppleCast 3: Apple Sells All The iPhones

It’s a very special episode of the TechCrunch AppleCast, as we’re joined by Jackdaw Research founder and Chief Analyst Jan Dawson, who offers some context around Apple’s huge earnings success reported earlier in the week. Dawson joins Darrell Etherington and Kyle Russell to explain just how Apple managed to sell 74.5 million iPhones in a single quarter, and to discuss some possible causes of the iPad’s flat growth.

We also talk about what the iPad category might look like in the future, as well as how Apple has changed the way it reports the financial performance of its retail operations, and why it might’ve done that as a result of the retail plans it has for the Apple Watch. Speaking of the Apple Watch, Dawson refers to his recent Smartwatch report to explain why battery life will be the thing to watch when the first reviews of the Apple Watch begin to hit the web.

The Apple Watch arrives in April, so we also get into some of the other factors that will be key to that launch, including support from third-party developers.

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