Moment Creates An iPhone Case And App To Help Mobile Photographers Take Better Pictures

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Mobile lens startup Moment has spent the last year trying to help smartphone users take beautiful photos. It got started with a couple of interchangeable lenses that could be mounted onto iPhone and Android phones.

Now the company is looking to create a more complete system for mobile photographers who capture images with their phones. That includes the release of a new Moment case for iPhone photographers, as well as a mobile app to give them more control over the photos they’re taking.

The Moment case, which is being launched as part of a Kickstarter campaign today, was designed to help its users take better pictures faster. It starts by providing a more secure interface for Moment lens owners to mount the glass to their phones, and can even detect when lenses have been attached.

The case gives the phone a more camera-like shape and feel, as well as a shutter button with both half-press and full-press features. Just like a camera, you can half-press the button to lock focus, or you can hold it down to take photos in burst mode. The Moment case also has a double loop hole to allow users to use a traditional camera strap to it and carry their phones around their wrists or necks.

Along with the case, Moment has also released a mobile app to give photographers more control while capturing photos. It has on-screen touch features that enable users to control the focus and to fine-tune lighting. That helps users to take better photos but without the need to do editing through other apps.

A year after Moment crowdfunded its wide-angle and telephoto lenses, the company is raising money again from backers on the Internet. On Indiegogo, the company is seeking $100,000 from customers who want to have the new iPhone case. It’s asking $49 for those who would like to pre-order the case, $124 for the case and one of its lenses (which usually sell for $99 each), or $199 for the case and both of its lenses.

And just like last year, users shouldn’t have to wait long for the product to get to them — Moment expects to ship the new case to backers in June.

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