HTC’s Next One Smartphone Will Be Revealed March 1

HTC is gearing up to launch something new on March 1 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and we’ve heard from a person familiar with the matter that what’s on tap is indeed the next version of the HTC One. The invites for a special event promising a glimpse of “what’s next” (via The Verge), and bear the tagline “Utopia in progress,” whatever that means.

HTC has done a great job of delivering quality devices with the past two HTC One flagship smartphones, including the M7 two years ago and 2014’s M8. The M9 would be the logical next step from a naming/model number convention, so here’s hoping they continue in the tradition of what’s been working so well to date.

The One line hasn’t necessarily done a lot to light a fire under consumers, however, so perhaps we’ll see the Taiwanese device maker take a different approach this time around. Either way, HTC is undeniably a critical favorite among Android makers so we’ll be watching closely to see what happens next.