Watch Hemingwrite Bring Mechanical Typing To The Cloud

The typewriter is basically relegated to septuagenarians and hipsters at this point, but the Hemingwrite aims to make it a little more broadly appealing with cloud-based document storage and syncing, as well as digital e-ink display that means you won’t have to mess around with corrective tape or go through reams of paper just to prepare a simple cover letter.

We covered Hemingwrite at the launch of its Kickstarter campaign, but the device has been picking up steam in terms of funds committed, and has raised $320,000, or about $70,000 more than it originally sought, with two weeks left to go in the campaign. We caught up with Hemingwrite founder Patrick Paul in Vegas at CES 2015, to talk about the device and the campaign, and to get a first-hand look at a fully functional prototype of Hemingwrite in action.

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In person, the Hemingwrite is impressive, with a heft reminiscent of the portable typewriters of yesteryear, and a screen that provides highly legible text in a distraction-free minimalistic interface. The physical switches that offer navigation provide a clever way to get at the features Hemingwrite provides without adding complication or getting users too turned around. There are still some question marks around final design elements, as the model we looked at doesn’t yet have a dedicated print button, for instance, but it works as advertised and definitely has a striking, retro-chic industrial design.

Paul says they’re on track to meet their shipping targets, so check out the Kickstarter campaign if you’re still interested in picking one up.