The Kairos T-Band Turns Your Dumb Watch Into A Smart Watch

Another day, another wearable design. This time it’s something called the Kairos T-Band, a watch band that connects to your normal watch and enables all sorts of exciting things like step tracking and notifications. I’ve seen a few of these sorts of things over the past year – one company hid everything inside a nice leather band and didn’t include a screen – and this one has just enough going for it that it’s probably not a massive scam.

The basic band, called the ND, has no display and simply vibrates notifications and sends sensing data to your phone.

T-BAND ND (No Display) model is designed for people who want extended battery life, basic notifications (via vibrator and multi-color LED indicator), and activity (fitness/sleep), health data monitoring without the need for fancy displays or touch sensor capabilities. This is the ultimate businessmen’s smart watch, or rather a wearable device (smartband). Battery life is expected to last more than 7 days with the ND model.Features:
On board Kairos OS will be able to push notifications such as text messages, incoming calls, and also push alerts from available apps via a discreet multi-color LED indicator and/or vibrator motor. On top of having multiple sensors such as 9-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, compass and optical sensor, the ND model also gets GSR (Galvanic Skin Sensor) which detects skin temperature and sweat.

Other models will have touch sensitive displays. The $1,200 model includes a mechanical watch.

Everything pictured on the Indiegogo page is possible – curved displays, motor vibrations, and sensors included – but it’s up to the Kairos folks to put them all together. Whether or not they succeed is still in question but it’s a clever idea and a clever implementation. I expect to see more of these hitting the market this year so this won’t be the last smart band we see.