Ten One Design’s Mountie Clip Is Perfect For Duet’s iPad Display App

Your mobile two-screen setup just got a lot more perfect: Ten One Design has launched the Mountie, a two-sided clip that securely mounts an iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device to your MacBook or iMac’s bezel, while remaining small enough to slip into a jacket pocket or laptop case accessory compartment.

The Mountie isn’t the first gadget to do what it does, but it does appear to be among the best designed. Padded rubberized inserts mean that it’ll respect your device’s industrial design, and fit snugly regardless of what you’re trying to attach to what. A snap clamp squeezes your device to make sure it won’t fall off while you’re working, and a long vertical support strip means you won’t get the wiggle and waggle that can make using two loosely joined devices at the same time somewhat nausea inducing.


Two weeks ago, I would’ve walked right past the Mountie, despite it being named for the horse-riding national police force of my homeland. But now that Duet’s excellent secondary display app for iPad and iPhone exists, the Mountie becomes a gadget I will likely recommend (once I confirm it works as advertised, as it should, based on Ten One’s track record) for just about any Mac-happy mobile worker.

When traveling, my main productivity suck is not having multiple displays to work across, and Duet combined with the Mountie looks like a cure for all my ails. Ever since the days of the original USB-powered Mimo monitor, I’ve had a hankering for this kind of solution, but those that use USB drivers and Wi-Fi connectivity have ultimately proven unsatisfactory, or not actually portable. A 9.7-inch iPad Air, however, with a Mountie and a 15-inch Retina MacBook, may just be a new high water mark in portable productivity.