Datanyze Acquires LeadLedger, A Sales Tool That Tracks Tech Product Market Share

Sales startup Datanyze is announcing its first acquisition — it’s buying a similar service, LeadLedger.

On a broad level, Datanyze and LeadLedger basically promise customers the same thing — they’re trying to help salespeople find new leads, particularly by tracking which websites are using competitors’ products, as well as overall market share.

“I think that more and more, we’re seeing technology data as a great trigger for lead generation,” said Datanyze’s director of marketing Sam Laber. “If you’re a sales rep, you want to know which websites have added a specific technology that day, or conversely, have dropped a specific technology that day, to give you an idea of a prospect to go after.”

Laber argued that the acquisition moves Datanyze closer to the goal that founder Ilya Semin laid out earlier this year, when Datanyze raised a $2 million seed round — namely, to become “the de facto lead generation solution for every technology provider.”

Semin described the acquisition as “a strategic move” that solidifies his company’s dominance, adding, “We also wanted to prevent our competitors from entering this space of technology tracking.”

In a blog post about the deal, LeadLedger says this will allow Datanyze to expand “its overall technology coverage, and in particular, its coverage of the advertising space.”

The financial terms were not disclosed, but Semin said Datanyze will be working to bring LeadLedger customers onboard. He also said that he’d wanted to hire the LeadLedger team, but they declined: “They explained to us that they wanted to move into a totally different direction.”