A Gift Guide For Those Impossible To Shop For People

Everyone has someone on their list that is impossible to shop for. They have everything. In those times, it’s probably safe to give a nice bottle of whiskey. Or any of the items on the following list. There is no way they have everything listed below, but in case they do, default to the whiskey. That’s truly a gift that keeps on giving anyway.

dji-giftguide14DJI Phantom 2 Vision +

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision + is currently the drone to buy. It’s simple to fly and sports a camera on a rig that’s immune to the movement of the drone. The Phantom can capture impressive video and pictures from its GoPro-like camera and even stream video back to a connected mobile device. The pilot will be soaring to impressive heights minutes after opening the gift.

Hurom Juicer

There are a lot of different juicing options currently on the market. But the Hurom Juicer stands alone in several areas, making it a great gift for the health nut (or wannabe health nut) on your list. First, it’s a slower juicer, which is said to produce a better juice by pulverizing, rather than cutting, the fruits or vegetables. It also has a handy spout that tends to keep the juicing area a bit cleaner and serves as a nice utility for sharing juice with others.

Marshall Stanmore Speaker

There are Bluetooth speakers and then there is the Marshall Stanmore. It’s perhaps the only Bluetooth speaker worthy of working at a Van Halen concert. The speaker is covered in vinyl and features a cloth grill. The damn thing weighs 11 pounds. Not only does it look the part, it sounds the part, too, thanks to dual amps driving twin tweeters and a dedicated 5.25-inch woofer. But seriously, this speaker pounds.

GoPro Hero

Everyone needs a GoPro and the company’s new $129 Hero is a great starter camera. The camera lacks the high-end features found in the firm’s more expensive models, but the Hero is perfect for YouTube antics. Best of all the camera works with the multitude of GoPro mounts and accessories currently on the market. Skip the no-name action cameras found on Amazon and in department stores; opt for the Hero.


Listen, you might not know this, but your laptop’s audio output is lacking. It’s not nearly as good as it can be. That’s where the DacMagic comes in. This tiny accessory plugs into your computer’s USB port and dramatically upgrades the audio output. Best of all this guy won’t be noticed at all in your laptop bag.