Meet The Somabar, A Home Bartending Robot With Class

There once was a man from Blue Grouse
Who wanted to become fully soused
He got in his car
And went to the bar
And wished he had stayed in his house.

“A robot I need,” said he.
“To prepare a tipple for me.”
He bought some steel rods
And some whiskey pods
And started to work on his spree.

The robot he made is a thrill
It spits out your booze with a chill
Called the Somabar
It’s now a Kickstar
And has so far raised nearly 1/10th of a mill.

And what does this drink machine void
when you select a drink on your Droid?
It mixes your booze
And out does it ooze
Perfectly blended and poured.

And so now this kind man he is drunk
Thanks to Somabar he’s no longer so sunk.
And four hundred clams he will see
From each devotee
Who wants to get massively crunk.