‘The Love Of Sports’ Wants To Connect Mobile Sportsball Lovers

TechCrunch recently sat down with Avery D’Alessandro to pick over his mobile app, ‘The Love of Sports.’ The application, recently launched, wants to connect sports fans on the go. Its premise is that if you are the social sort of sports-adjacent human, you most likely want to hang out with your friends at the game, or at the bar watching game.

Another higher-level social network, The Love of Sports has much to prove. Either it can capture enough of a userbase to become a decent part of a sport’s franchise’s fanbase, or it cannot. If it does, D’Alessandro could have a hit on his hands — the sporting industry is notoriously lucrative.

TechCrunch will track the success, or lack thereof, of the app over the coming sports season to see if it catches on. In a crowded app market, standing out is tough, though not impossible.