Eye-Fi Mobi Delivers Photos From Your Camera To The Cloud | One Lap

The rise of smartphone cameras decimated the entry-level digital camera market. In contrast, sales of DSLR and other high-end cameras have thrived. High-end cameras provide interchangeable lenses and have the raw performance demanded by serious photographers but, unlike the quality cameras being built in to nearly every smartphone, still don’t have good solutions for transferring photos directly to your phone or tablet. Most DSLRs on the market today still require a traditional memory card to be removed and inserted into an external or built-in computer card reader.

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In 2008, Eye-Fi launched its first product: a Wi-Fi-enabled SD card that turned any digital camera into a wireless Internet-connected device. In its latest version, the Eye-Fi Mobi allows users to transfer photos from a digital camera directly into a tablet or smartphone without the need for a Wi-Fi network or a PC.

Eye-Fi serves a solid, growing niche and according to founder, Matt DiMaria, its shipments are the highest they’ve ever been. During our interview, Matt talks about the company’s new cloud product and explains how they worked with all of the major camera manufacturers to incorporate Eye-Fi’s technology.

Disclosure: Shasta Ventures is an investor in Eye-Fi.