Restaurant Reservation Service Reserve Launches In San Francisco

Reserve, a mobile app that makes it easy to find reservations at top restaurants, announced today that it’s now available in San Francisco.

The service, which launched in October, came out of Expa, the “startup studio” created by Uber and StumbleUpon co-founder Garrett Camp. CEO Greg Hong said that just as Uber made personal drivers more accessible to a broader audience, he wants to do the same for concierge services.

With Reserve, users provide the date and time window for their reservation, then the app will provide a list of recommendations. Once you’ve found a restaurant or restaurants that you like, Reserve works to get you a reservation and updates you on its progress via text. If it can’t get something in your window, it’ll recommend something similar. And after dinner, the app will handle payment, too.

The app first launched in New York, Boston and Los Angeles.