If You Still Use Google+ You Can Now Pin Updates To Your Profile Page

Twitter began letting users pin tweets to the top of their profile page this year and now, in inevitable social media merry-go fashion, it’s the turn of Google+, as Google staffer Dennis Troper revealed — via Engadget.

Google’s social network is often referred to as a ghost town, but it does still count a loyal band of faithful users who are now able to affix their favorite messages, photos, polls or other media to the top of their profile page where it is more likely to catch the eye. The option to pin is found in the drop down menu for each Google+ update.

Profile pinning is supported on the web and Android versions of Google+ right away. Google says an update will come to its iOS app soon.

It’s easy to be cynical about Google+, many ex-staff are pretty scathing with their opinions, but pinning is a solid addition. The service itself may not have the user volume to rival Twitter or Facebook, but it is tied in to Google’s dominant search engine (and other services) which has helped it attract brands and businesses of all kinds.

Pinning a message to the top of their profile can help personalize their message to visitors and potential increase engagement from the Google+ stalwarts and others that wander on to the social network, perhaps via Google search.

Here, the Brooklyn Nets basketball team is highlighting a poll to get it more attention.

Screenshot 2014-12-04 15.40.52

Earlier this week, Twitter took a leaf out of Instagram’s book with the addition of new, adjustable photo filters. What comes around, goes around on social media.