Next Version Of Google Glass Said To Be Powered By Intel

Google hasn’t thrown in the towel on Google Glass if this Wall Street Journal report is to be believed. Reportedly, Google is hard at work at the next version of Glass and has ditched Texas Instruments in favor of Intel. The first consumer version of Google Glass left a lot to be desired. From a short battery life to a still-bulky casing, whatever mobile chipset Google taps for the job must significantly improve the capability and form of Google Glass from nerd object to everyday device.

Not much is known about the next version of Glass yet the WSJ reports that it will be powered by an unknown Intel chipset, which if true, signals the first significant update to the product since its 2012 announcement.

Despite failing to find its niche, Google has steadily released updates to Glass. The first made the system compatible with prescription lenses with the second update doubling the amount of RAM in the wearable.

Intel has recently made moves to capture some of the wearable and mobile chipset market it long ignored. At last year’s International CES, the company unveiled its mobile aspirations and demoed several wearable computing devices. Later in the year, the chip giant announced the MICA, a sophisticated but niche wearable computer. If Intel wants to be known as a mobile chip maker, powering the next Google Glass would be a big PR win.