The Star Wars Episode VII Trailer If It Were Made By George Lucas


What would that glorious The Force Awakens trailer look like if George Lucas went back and fiddled with it, as he so loves to do?

Probably something like this…

The number of references and jabs crammed in here is off the charts. I won’t spoil them all, but my favorite? The unnecessary rocks at 0:20. (If you don’t get that one, don’t worry — that’s probably a good thing. Here.)

(Joking aside, George Lucas does have a pretty big role in the development of Star Wars VII. While he’s neither directing nor writing the movie, the story concept is his and he was on set as a creative consultant.)

On a side note, I can not comprehend how someone managed to blast this out in just about 36 hours after the trailer’s release. Helluva job, Michael Shanks.