We’ll Get Our First Look At Windows 10 Consumer Features In January

Windows 10 is already a known quantity to some degree thanks to the developer preview, but Microsoft is holding an event late in January to present its consumer features properly, according to a new report from The Verge. The January event will include discussion of new features for end-users, including an all-new touch input interface called “Continuum.”

Also on the agenda for the event are discussions about how Windows 10 will work for phone and tablet hardware, as well as potential improvements to the Xbox One dashboard. Windows 10 is meant to unify Microsoft’s entire hardware lineup, including Xbox One, under a single platform, so this could be the first good look at how everything will work together once it all launches properly.

Windows 10 is said to be launching sometime in “mid 2015,” so don’t expect the software to become available for the general public at said January event. More details should follow shortly about specific timing.