The Don’t-Leave-Home-Without-It Machine Ensures You Do As It Says

In one of the greatest examples of LittleBits engineering I’ve seen in a while, maker Sean Ragan made a little box that reminds you to take objects when you leave the house. You can place anything inside it – glasses, a wallet, your pills, the skull of a marmot – and it will ring a bell if you pass by it without taking the item out.

Nowadays we’ve got more stuff than ever, and it seems like we have to carry most of it around with us. We’re also more distracted than ever, our attention constantly jumping back and forth between real and virtual space. It’s an insidious combination that can lead to lots of wasted time and energy when we find ourselves at the pharmacy without the prescription, at the hotel without the phone charger, or at the airport without the passport.

You can pop over here to read the instructions on how to build your own DLHWI Machine or just watch Sean’s fun video, above. Either way, I suspect we all need this box in our lives and I also suspect we’ll all throw it against the wall once it reminds us with a shrill ringing noise one too many times.

via Adafruit