Motorola’s New $25 Dongle Helps You Find Your Lost Keys, Unlocks Your Phone


I don’t know what’s going on at Motorola lately, but I dig it. Between launching a Bluetooth headset that looks like something straight out of Her and making temporary tattoos that can unlock your phone, they’ve been getting all sorts of experimental as of late.

Their latest random one-off project: a key fob that let you use your keys to find your phone, and vice versa.

Called the Motorola Keylink, it’s a $25 Bluetooth-enabled dongle that you strap on to your keys.

Lose your phone? Squeeze the Keylink, and it’ll make your iOS or Android phone ring from up to 100 feet away.

Lose your keys? Open the Motorola Connect app, tap a button, and your keys will start singing.

Lose both? YOU’RE DOOMED. Or, at least, you’ll have to find your stuff like a schmuck the good ol’ fashioned way: with your eyes and an hour of wandering aimlessly around your house while getting more and more frustrated before realizing your keys are in the cereal cabinet and there’s a box of cereal sitting where your keys usually go.

Motorola says the user-replaceable coin cell battery should last up to a year, and that the device is splash-resistant (though not waterproof).

As an added bonus, the key fob can be set up to automatically unlock your phone (disabling the PIN/swipe gesture/etc.) whenever your handset and your keys are near each other. Seems like a bit of a security concern if you ever get mugged. (And, for what it’s worth pretty much any Bluetooth device can be set to do that as of Android 5.0…)

Keylink is on sale for $25 through Moto’s site right here.

Update: Aaaaand it’s sold out.