Watch Samsung Report On Its Own Sustainability Measures – Through Rap

First, Samsung reviews its own products, and now it hires a rapper to illustrate its commitment to sustainability, and workforce equality.

I will concede that most corporate sustainability reports aren’t exactly thrill rides; most involve a lot of numbers, some graphs, and maybe some highly orchestrated photos meant to show the spirit of the company’s investment in diversity. But Samsung’s bizarre decision to use melodic spoken word to show off their own ethical bona fides still strikes an odd chord.

Then again, this is the same company that created an expensive and ridiculous Broadway gala to launch a smartphone, and the same company that had director Michael Bay at its CES conference presentation last year, only to have the Hollywood heavyweight clam up and walk off stage when a prompter machine failed.

A rapped sustainability report is actually pretty tame for Samsung, come to think of it. And if we can’t stream 1989, at least we have something else to listen to in the meantime.