Steve Ballmer Spends 3.8% Of His Total Tweets Dismissing Net Neutrality

Chalk up one tech exec to the ‘less is more’ view of net neutrality oversight by the FCC. Steve Ballmer, most recently the long-time CEO of Microsoft, tweeted today that extending FCC oversight over Internet competition is not needed.

Ballmer’s 25th tweet (out of 26!) says the following:

It isn’t clear if Ballmer is speaking to the president’s recently released net neutrality plan, the FCC’s general plan, or other submitted proposals and the like. Ballmer’s position is contrary to much of the tech industry’s sentiment. The former executive is out of technology for now, focusing on other pursuits like his ownership of the Clippers basketball team.

As another note, Ballmer’s Twitter account is pretty unknown, with fewer than 5,000 followers. He’s probably worth adding to your feed.