HTC Offering A $299 Unlocked HTC One M8 For Its ‘Hot Deal’ This Week

Ordinarily, I am left cold by deal or sale pitches, but HTC’s new ‘Hot Deal‘ program, whereby it offers bargain basement pricing on items from its stable of devices every week during a limited window, has proven interesting. This week’s deal for the HTC One M8 at just $299 outright for an unlocked device (or a carrier-locked version of your choosing, if you’re a masochist) is very interesting, since this is still what I consider the best Android smartphone hardware currently available.

The deal is extremely limited, which makes sense given that it’s a discount of more than 50 percent. HTC says 200 people will get the $299 price, starting at 9 AM PT today, November 11, and then another 300 people after that will be able to order it for $499, which is still $150 off the original sticker price (and still a good deal if you’re in the market for an Android phone). The deal is off as of 9 PM PT tonight, but it could end earlier if available stock is depleted.

Last week, HTC’s offer of a $199 Nexus 9 tablet (half the regular $399 asking price) lit up the Internets, and nearly instantly sold out, so if you’re looking to get in on this offer I’d prime your browsers to the company’s Hot Deals website and get ready to do some furious reloading, and prepare for potential frustration, too.