Mac Achieves Highest U.S. PC Market Share Ever In Q3 2014 According To IDC

Apple’s Mac marketshare hit record highs during the third calendar quarter of 2014, according to research firm IDC. Official numbers from the firm’s quarterly PC tracker show that Apple’s Q3 shipments topped 2.34 million Macs moved during the quarter in the U.S., giving it 13.4 percent market share and putting it in third place behind HP and Dell. That’s the best market share Apple has every achieved in the PC market, which for IDC’s purposes, doesn’t even include tablets like the iPad.

Mac market share rose from 12.9 percent tin Q3 2013 to, with sales up from 2.07 million units during the year ago quarter. Growth among the top five vendors in the U.S. was up in general, without Acer and Dell both posting higher increases in terms of percentage, but across the rest of the field, sales were generally down – 22.6 percent in fact. The overall market in the U.S. rose 4.5 percent, with the gains from the leaders outweighing other losses.

Apple’s share grew 20.5 percent between Q3 2013 and Q3 2014 on the global stage, with 5.51 million units shipped in the most recent quarter, making up 69 percent of all sales and putting it at number 5 overall among the top PC makers. That share is up from 5.7 percent during the same period last year.