Activate Your Red Zones: Verizon Has A Football Leather Moto X

VZWnews_2014-Nov-07Just like the song says: Are you ready for several foot falls? Verizon’s ready, ready to snap your halfback some yards after carry with its new, exclusive Moto X with a football leather back. You heard right, Bob Dikta freaks and Peyton Randolph fans – the same material used to coat everyone’s favourite roughly ball-shaped professional athletics thing is now on phones! And what’s more like sports than smartphones?!

I don’t know about you, but come Wednesday I love to grab a large crate of V8 juice cans and some buddies and sit around the video tube watching all the action. My squad of choice is the New England State Legislature, and their star WB Jan Brady. No one knows quite how to run such a tight nickel and drachma defense, and their ability to move the goalposts up and down the field with no regard for halftimes or pass inference penalties is truly remarkable. The only thing that could make it even sweeter when Rob “Groot” Gronkowski scores a roughdown is if I was clasping a football-like pocket supercomputer I use to check my email and post vaguely off-color remarks to Facebook at the same time.

So kudos to you Verizon, and as the crowds supporting my home team always chant, “Get Up, get up! Let’s Go Bats!” (they really like bats).