VoodooPC Founder And Microsoft Ventures General Manager Rahul Sood Is Leaving Microsoft To Start Another Company

The Microsoft angel investor and former head of VoodooPC, Rahul Sood, today announced that he is leaving the company and his role at Microsoft Ventures to start another company, something called Unikrn — you know, unicorn.

Sood details his departure on LinkedIn where he admits that he’s leaving the dream job that he created but goes on to say that “this is the kind of crazy shit entrepreneurs do (or at least I keep telling myself that!)”

Sood started gaming company VoodooPC which was purchased by Hewlett-Packard in 2008. He was an outspoken part of the gaming community (Remember when Sood cut his birthday cake with a first-gen Macbook Air?) Sood left HP in November 2010 to join Microsoft as the GM for Microsoft’s Xbox business but eventually moved onto helping early stage startups.

At Microsoft, he started the company’s first angel investment fund, Bing Fund, that eventually morphed into Microsoft Ventures where he’s currently the general manager.

It seems Unikrn will be focused on gaming. Sood notes in his blog post that his “gaming past continues to drive unrest inside me, starting with Voodoo, and then advising various companies including Razer and Vrvana, and now…” As the former GM of Microsoft’s Xbox business and the founder of one of the best gaming PC makers, he’s in a unique position to advance the gaming market. Again.