LG’s Crazy New Smartphone Screen Has Almost No Bezel


Tired of looking at all that extra space around your smartphone screen?

Let’s ignore for a second that that space serves a rather important function (giving you somewhere to put your thumb/fingers that isn’t on the screen) and just marvel at this thing.

Built by LG, that 5.3″, 1080p display up top has a bezel that comes in at just 0.7 millimeters.

That’s just crazy. It looks like something out of one of those fan-made “next iPhone” mockups that always tend to pop up before each new iPhone’s release, with their endless wish lists of mostly impossible features.

Best part? It sounds like LG actually intends to mass-produce these rather than just using it as a demo to show off their tech prowess. Alas, all of us stateside might have to wait a while; LG specifically notes that these screens will head to smartphones in China first.

Now, to figure out how anyone is actually supposed to hold that thing…

Of course, you can really only cut down the top and bottom bezel so much without ditching things like the front-facing camera, a home button, and that pesky earpiece speaker that lets you, you know, use the phone as a phone. The photo below better displays what a handset with this screen would look like with those things in the mix.